Antropologia Y Migracion

Korean Immigrants in Text and Talk: A Discourse-centered Approach to the Social Processing of Korean Immigration in Argentina (2004)

Corina Courtis


This article examines the hegemonic trend in the social treatment and processing of Korean immigration in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is suggested that Korean immigrants gained visibility --especially during the ‘90s-- through the circulation of public and private discourses that articulated biology, culture and class in a shadowy operation of local racism: the ethnicization of class conflict. A corpus of contemporary everyday discourses on Korean immigrants --namely news stories published in the main national newspapers and informal interviews with non-Korean residents-- is therefore analyzed against the specific background of Argentina’s ethnic formation, its migration history, and the political and economic context informing discursive production. Taking discourse as a situated social practice, this 10article attempts to contribute not only to the study of racist phenomena, but also to a facet of Korean studies that has lately attracted academic interest: that of the Korean diaspora in Latin America.



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